Grace in politics

My friend Richard owns this great blog, Rock the Boat.  Yesterday, he posted something that moved me and I hope it will you, as well:

You’d Never Guess It

But I hate politics. Seriously. I guess the closest thing it compares to is a drug addiction. The addict knows that the drug is what makes him miserable; what is tearing his mind inside out and what is destroying him from the inside out. But he still can’t get away from it. He will not stop until he gets his fix.

I cant wait for November the Fourth; for it all to be over.

A girl in class today told us she sent a message out on the online class component telling everyone the things they need to know about Barack Obama before they vote. There was a sinister tone in her voice that indicated she had meant to scare us all out of the logical choice. Apparently, she had not received the memo: the era of the politics of fear is over.

At first, I thought I would go home, pull up the message and rebut all of the smears she had sent out point by point with logic and reliable references and send my response to the entire class as well. But no, I thought, that wouldn’t be appropriate. I’d be sinking to her level. My next thought was that I would send a message to the class pointing out how inappropriate and unprofessional using an academic resource in that manner was, and inviting anyone to send me a personal e-mail if they would like to have a serious discussion about Senator Obama. Ultimately, I decided against that as well.

So, I did nothing. That’s right, nothing. I haven’t looked at the message, and I’m not going to. Instead I’m just going to wait. I’m going to spend the weekend doing homework, yard work and enjoying my time with my wife and daughter. Monday, I’ll go to school and I’ll try to contain my excitement, like a six-year-old on Christmas Eve. Tuesday, I’ll get up early. I’ll take a shower and get my daughter ready for her day at school. I’ll bundle her up extra warm to take a short walk to the church around the corner. We’ll enter the booth, and I’ll let her check the block for competence, for judgement, for intellect, for even-handedness, for justice and for equality.

Then, I’ll probably uncheck it, and recheck it myself. Because why should she get to have all the fun?

I’ll drop her off at school, and then go to my University. There, I’ll probably hear many discussions about what the future holds. I’ll come home, eat dinner and put my daughter to bed. Being the middle-class-southern-white-male-Joe-six-pack that I am, I’ll probably crack open a PBR. I’ll flip on the TV and start to watch the election returns.

And on Wednesday, with the smear-mail still sitting unread in my inbox, the world will know that Barack Obama will be the next President of the United States, and no hate, lies, smears or fear mongering will be able to take that away from us.

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