I love Brother West

I had the tremendous pleasure of meeting Brother Cornel West at the Democratic National Convention.  I shook his hand.  We had a conversation.  It may have been the highlight of the Convention for me.  It was 180 degrees on the roof of the Denver Athletic Club that morning and there Brother West was in his trademark black neck scarf.  He is too much.

Here is Brother West on Bill Maher with another one of my faves, John Legend.  You have to watch the whole thing.  It’s funny as shit and really, really good.  There’s too much stuff to excerpt, so you just have to watch:


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2 responses to “I love Brother West

  1. Which night were you at the Denver Athletic Club?

  2. anonymous

    I just want to respond that I am a registered democrat. I am pro-choice and I am a real person. I
    have researched ad nauseum the facts – from the fbi files on Davis, the book published by Obama, a look at the Ayers connection w/ the Brinks robbery in l981, the Rev. Wright situation, the failure to release the LA Times tape, the Ayers book; and numerous other matters. I’m disgusted that Charles Shumer of NY supported subprime mortgages, with the result that some of our poorest citizens in Long Island, have lost their life savings, their self respect, and have or will lose their homes, which is a tremendous psychic blow to them and their families (Hempstead, Amityville and the poorer communities on Long Island) and I blame the republicans for permitting the banks to make these loans. Moreover, I am quite unhappy with the revision of the bankruptcy laws, which penalize individuals in favor of the credit card companies and banks, who are permitted to charge interest at rates that would be illegal between individuals. The acts of the Congress and the administration have been horrific for the poor. The change in the environmental laws, (I dont know whether you are familiar with the removal of the hawk nest on 5th Avenue in NY), fostered by the Bush administration has made me most uncomfortable to say the least… however, I took the time to do some research on Obama – from original sources on the internet – FBI files on Davis; looking at the Kenyon newspapers, and that is how I reached my decision. I hope you can take the opportunity to review the facts before the election. Of course, you may arrive at a different conclusion…. but I think this election is quite important and I think that we owe it to ourselves and to our nation to take a look at everything.

    I’m sorry for going on and on…. I just wanted you to know that I am, indeed, a real person and not some political hack…

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