Ken Duberstein, Reagan chief of staff, endorse Obama

This is one of those key endorsements to those who really understand politics.  A president’s chief of staff is the power job.  A chief of staff controls essentially controls the eyes and ears of the president.  A president’s chief of staff is and tried and true, deeply red or blue, member of his or her (not yet, but one can dream) party.  Ken Duberstein was Reagan’s chief of staff.  And Ken Duberstein yesterday, in an interview with CNN, endorsed Obama for president.

There are a couple of interesting facts about this endorsement.  First, Duberstein is a friend of McCain.  The McCain camp, in fact, is whining that Duberstein is only endorsing because he’s pissed that he didn’t get named as head of their transition team.  Duberstein’s reaction:  “Bullshit.”

The second interesting fact, and perhaps the deciding one, is that Duberstein and Colin Powell are good friends.  Speaking of Powell, Duberstein said:

I think Colin Powell’s decision is in fact the good-housekeeping seal of approval on Barack Obama.

Like other prominent Republicans, Duberstein was also turned off by McCain’s pick of Palin, seeing it as strictly a political pick.  The CNN interview will air on Sunday.

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