I and several (progressive) blogger friends I know have been inundated with comments on blog posts, both ancient and new, trying to make some point about William Ayers and the KKK.  I’m putting these people on notice that these comments, a front for Nancy Goldfarb and her whackadoole theories, will not be tolerated at this site and will be deleted, wholesale.  I encourage all other progressive bloggers to follow suit.


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2 responses to “Enough

  1. sethkahn

    Yup. Nancy Goldfarb has her own blog; she and her gang don’t need to take over other people’s. I’m sure they’ll declare that we’re just being close-minded. I would say that it’s not the responsibility of progressive bloggers to provide venues for wingnut lies.

  2. MaryMag

    They’ve nothing better to do, obviously. Heaven forbid they should study issues, read up on current events, or anything else worthwhile, for that matter. This is all they know.

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