The Cellphone effect

Do you remember all the talk about how pollsters during the primaries were lowballing Obama’s numbers because cell phone only voters (read young people) were not being sampled?  I can testify that it’s not only “the youth vote” we’re talking about here as I have no landline phone and I’m not in the under 35 crowd.  I digress ….  Nate Silver, the total wonk-turned-celeb and genius behind has some analysis of this in currently polling.  Go check it out:  The Cell Phone Effect, Continued.  Essentially, he finds that in the polls which include cell numbers, Obama has a larger lead.

Note:  I know that I said I wasn’t going to say anything else about polling today besides:

     Polls mean nothing if they’re not backed up by votes.

But I spent many hours studying and debating this issue during the primaries and feel somewhat vindicated by Silver’s analysis.  So there.


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