Proving Obama’s long coattails

Some other things I’m excited about from last night’s results:

Alabama:  Parker Griffith (D) is my new Congressman.  District 2 (think Montgomery), has a new Democrat as it’s Representative in Bobby Bright.

Louisiana:  Sen. Mary Landrieu (D) held on to her seat.

Montana:  Brian Schweitzer (D) holds on to the Governor’s House.  (He didn’t really need Obama’s coattails for this one.  Did you see his speech at the Convention?  This dude is awesome.)

New Hampshire:  Jeanne Shaheen (D) defeated incumbent Sen. John Sununu.

North Carolina:  Bev Perdue (D) took the Governor’s House while Kay Hagan (D) kicked Elizabeth Dole out of Senate. 

Virginia:  Mark Warner (D) took the seat being vacated by Sen. John Warner’s (no relation) retirement.  It also appears that Democrat Tom Perriello has defeated Republican Virgil Goode in VA-05.  There’s really no way I can explain to you how exciting it would be if Perriello really is the victor in this race.  Perriello has declared victory, but, to be fair, no major news agency has called the race for him. 

Those are some of the things I’m really excited about:  places where, especially in the South, Democrats won and, I think, proved Obama’s coattails.

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