The President-Elect’s new website:

The Obama transition team has a new website,  Office of the President-Elect.  Very cool.  Check it out.

Update:  Folks:  The comments you’re leaving here are amazing, but I think you mean to be sending them here:

Please make sure that you visit that website, where you can tell the President-Elect your story.


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19 responses to “The President-Elect’s new website:

  1. Linda Lietzke Smith

    Dear President Elect Obama,
    I have had a housecleaning service since 1986. I have always had a successful business in which I raised my kids and lived the American dream.
    I have lost most of my clients, my savings is depleated and will be homeless in a short time.
    For the first time in my life I cant buy groceries, put gas in my car unless I have work that day. I stay on the verge of having utilities turned off.
    I dont want a hand out. I only want to rebuild my business and regain my dignity. I have went from living the true American dream. Living well to barely living. Hand outs only create more hand outs. I cant tell you how many people said they will quit their jobs if thats how you are going run this administration. Dont do that please. There is no honor living off of others hard earned money and the sweat off their backs. Get us back up and reward work, not sitting on our butts.

    All I ask from you is to give us a chance again to rebuild our lives. I have very few years left to regain some worth. Its a tall order for you to fill with so many issues at hand. Please chose wisely what your moves are. Keep our country safe above all else.
    My kids are watching me and I have to show them never give up.
    Thank you for this place to plead my case.

  2. Ron Jones

    Dear Mr. President Elect Obama,

    I am very pleased to have supported your campaign. I voted Democratic for the first time in my life, and, I am very proud of it! I was a 40+ year voting Republican, but found myself a victim of the Housing Crisis and the mortgage meltdown that has crippled our nation, the failed politics of too many politicians, and the greed of big business that raised above the conscience of our Government and our elected officials. Unemployed for the first time in my life in June of this year, I found the fear that so many Americans are feeling and the loss of not only my income, but also my retirement and what was supposed to be a happy and secure future.

    My very best to you and your transition team. May the change you will promote bring us back to the status we all enjoyed, and for those that were less successful, or suffered under their personal issues, may they also achieve success under your presidency.

    This is a new beginning, a new day, a new Country, and it is all thanks to your vision and strength, and certainly the people supporting you.

    God bless you, keep you safe, and keep you honest to your vision and your goals.

    Very Respectfully,

    Ron Jones


    sir, as a military veteran i support the u.s. constitution and the bill of rights and god and the america flag, i serve the people of this great nation as my forefathers did i expect you to do the same. with respect i submit this, remember you work for us (the american people ), these presidents before you have made mistakes, we all do but remember we have the u.s. constitution and the bill of rights and god and the u.s. flag, please do not trash these important parts of history, with respect “IN GOD WE TRUST

  4. Martha Stanley

    I am writing to tell you my
    family”s situation and I am sure countless others. My 3 children got
    private student loans to go to college on and my husband co-signed for
    each of them to secure the loans. When they applied they were not told how
    ridiculous the payments would be.
    My husband is a hard working man. He is a Vietnam veteran. There
    is no way my children are going to be able to make these kind of
    payments and take care of their kids. If they can’t the loans are
    going to fall back on my husband. We live pay check to pay check and
    will only have social security to live on when he has to stop working.
    I am writing this letter to let you and others in Washington know the
    HELL that my 3 children and husband are going through from PRIVATE
    STUDENT LOANS. I have been reading about others in this same
    situation. Do all of you in Washington realize there are people that
    have commited suicide over this? Mortgage companies have created a
    trap for so many people that it is impossible to get out of. They make
    these private student loans seem so great and the answer to any kid
    trying to go to college, that so many kids fall into their trap and
    apply for the loans. No one from the mortgage companies explain that
    when the loans become due that the student will never be able to repay
    them and EAT again. They make it so easy to get them that a kid can
    get one every 6 months. My daughter was told by one company not to
    worry about the amount of loans she was getting because the most the
    payments would be was $50.00 a month for each loan. Now she has found
    out just one payment is $334.00, and she has 3 more coming due to make
    monthly payments on. She is ready to commit suicide. My husband is
    about to worry himself to death over all of this. He co-signed for
    about $250,000.00 worth of private student loans for my 3 kids,
    thinking that the kids would only have to pay payments of only $50.00
    a month for each loan. I am praying that there is actually someone in
    Washington that cares about the people instead of only Wall Street and
    the mortgage companies. So many of us are sinking and WE need a BAIL
    OUT, also. Please , Please do something to help us! Thank you in
    advance for your help, Martha Stanley.

  5. Patrick

    It is a sad state of affairs when a mass of people vote for the party that allowed the economic crisis we are in to occur that is robbing people of their 401k’s, causing people to lose jobs, causing companies to bankrupt etc. Do you not research and realize the several times over several years that republicans warned congress that we needed additional regulation or it could be a catastrophe. Democrats swore up and down there was no problem in order to protect their interests. Bill Clinton himself said that Democrats and himself when he was in office bear responsibility in this crisis for ignoring those attempts by republicans to prevent this. Where was your precious “one” then, not doing a damn thing to save the American people from this because he was getting paid off too. If the democrats in charge blew up the planet you would stand on the last rock waving an Obama sign. Say what you will about this post but you owe yourself to check facts. You can start here and verify from there.

  6. Patrick

    Martha, do you think it is right for responsible people to come to other peoples aid that did not bother to verify what they were signing? I have been a single dad for 10 years and have 3 kids also. I am sorry but you are exactly what is wrong with this country. I am a veteran who also worked hard all his life whose kids will have to pay off all the money this country borrows because the democratic party let this financial crisis happen by ignoring republicans warnings. It makes no sense at all to look for salvation from those who screwed you over. America wake up and do your homework.

  7. Patrick

    Why do you thing Obama pushed early voting to young people so hard? Because he sees you as inexperienced voters with no knowledge of history, that he could easily manipulate. He wanted your vote early so if you educated yourself enough to see the truth it would be too late. It worked , he was right and you will learn a hard lesson.

  8. David Montgomery

    I am a 24-year veteran,that worked by myself to get where I am now, retired and drawing disability, never asked for anything from the government, own the house I live in, without help from the government. When I retired for the first time in 1990, I was amused and irritated at day-time television talk shows and the number of people on welfare and thought that was their god-given right, because the government always came to their aid when they asked. As for the housing crisis, I can not find sympathy for those people. They signed contracts knowing they could not afford payments, but they are quick to blame someone else. They made their beds, let them lie in it! If the government doesn’t stop bailing people out, we will never get out from under this rock. I didn’t work for 40 years to pay some else’s way. My family comes first. not my brother’s. You seem intent on shoving universal healthcare down our throats. What a disaster. I spent about 12 years in foreign countries, some with a socialized medical system. Those citizens were NOT pleased with it. And if you force it on Americans, what are we going to do when there are more patients but the number of doctors and nurses does not show a corresponding increase? Go to Canada or Mexico for treatment? I really doubt that you will address anything I’ve said. I doubt you will even read this. Hope your new dog learns to bite you every day! Have a nice day!

  9. Bob Anders

    Amazing how uninformed 63-million people could be. Someday soon this will all come back to haunt us. I wish you luck Mr. Obama , you’re going to need it!

  10. first i am willing to say congrats to obama for winning. i hope that he really wants a better america. for to long, the govt has been growing and growing, taking more and more control of everything that goes on. it is sad to say, but this is not the america that our founders invisioned. i am sick of people who will not take responsibility for all the debt they have found themselves in. why would you take out a loan you can’t afford for a house you don’t need or a car that is overpriced anyway? why should credit card companies give you a break? did they run up the bill? why should i help you pay your mortgage when i have one of my own? i am a well educated, common sense when it comes to spending person, with a family and bills of my own and dont need to have to help others who arent smart enough to think first. it is a disgrace to the american founders to think the govt is supposed to tax the hard working people to fix the stupidity of others. and why should we bail out companies to dumb to look at who they are loaning money to in the first place? if you make bad business decisions you should have to pay the price!

  11. John

    I am writing to you today about the GM, Ford and Chrysler request for government assists. As a tax payer I am all for this package to help the big 3 automotive survive. They are the heartbeat of this country and employ an overwhelming number of people, not including the many other companies that would be affective if they should fail With out any help from the government. If they should fail, I see many people and companies affixed in this country and the Amount of assist that would would be needed for unemployed workers would be much more then helping the big 3. I would only ask for 1 provision for this help to them is that they must include the requirement that all vehicles coming off the line must have the Flex Fuel Option [FFV provision]. This option will only make us 1 more step closer to oil independence.

    Thank you for your time.
    And I do much hope the government can help the Auto Industry.

  12. David Montgomery

    I disagree with the person that wants the government to bailout the auto industry-AGAIN. If this bailout mania continues, it will be of no use to work- just petition the government for a bailout. But that seems to be what this generation is about.Don’t take responsibility for your own decisions, and your statement during your campaign “You’re on your own”. Now to my real question, if you are not afraid to answer “Do you intend to take the oath of office on the Bible or the Koran?” You and your supporters keep harping for UNITY. Where was your call for UNITY when the other party was in office? I will give you one year to fulfil your campaign promises. After that, all bets are off. and I will fight you tooth and nail to remove you from office. You are not entitled to an endless free ride. You made too many promises to live up to and too many lies.

  13. David Montgomery

    Well- Are you going to take the oath of office on the Bible or the Koran? A lot of Christian voters are eager to say:”See , he IS a Christian! Others are just curious as to how far you will lie about your religion. I suspect you will somehow dodge this question with some of your standard double-talk. since you seem to have such a problem speaking proper English!

  14. ashpolitics

    OK, I’ve stayed out of here, but David, you’ve pulled me in. I’m sure you’re proud. This is what’s ironic: the entire “Reverend Wright scandal” could never have happened had Obama *not* been a Christian. Had Wright not married the Obamas in the United Church of Christ; had he not baptized the Obama children in the United Church of Christ; had Obama, himself, not been baptized in that same church, the entire “scandal” could never have erupted. The truth, in the end, is that nothing, not even Obama’s own witness, will ever be sufficient for you. As for your, “proper English” comment, I shall not address it given your horrible grammar.

  15. The book says “love of money is the root of all evil” and Jesus said “love thy neighbor as thyself.” But thru some miracle the right wing has posited Greed (invisible hand of Adam Smith), turning ploughshares into swords and selling of miracle cures and herbal remedies as god’s work!! A member of the military industrial complex with all the veteran’s benefits claims to have never asked or received anything from the government–now this is a miracle.
    If you study history, self-righteous selfish people have always been full of pride and anger. Perhaps the better side of our nature will prevail.

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