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TWiB Ep#9: The VP Debate

These guys just keep getting better, keeping the awesome coming.  (Note:  not work safe.)

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Rock on, pro-choicers

So over the past week or so, I’ve gotten the same email from about a half a dozen friends and colleagues.  It’s a viral email campaign urging folks to stop talking against Sarah Palin and, instead, do something positive with that energy by sending a $10 donation to Planned Parenthood in her name.  Apparently, the campaign is working.  According to Ben Smith over at The Politico, as of yesterday, the campaign had generated more than 31,000 donations (at least 2/3 from first time donors) giving over $800 thousand.  Rock on, pro-choicers.

If you would like to make your own on-line donation, visit Planned Parenthood.

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The 65th Carnival of Feminists

It’s up.  Check it out.

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Laughable quote of the morning

Ha. Ha ha ha ha.  Oh, please stop ….

“Women, like men, are supporting John McCain and Sarah Palin because they are a team of mavericks with a plan for real reform in Washington ,” said Amber Wilkerson , a Republican National Committee spokeswoman.

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I love it!

Remember I posted the bumper sticker contest from NARAL Pro-Choice America a few days ago?  Today they announce that my favorite won:

The only way to get one is to go to their website and make a $15 donation.  Your donation will help NARAL Pro-Choice America educate voters about the “extremist anti-choice ticket” of McCain – Palin.  I think it’s worth it.  The more you donate, the more stickers you receive ($30 = 2, $75 = 5).

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Just six days left

We only have six days to act.  We only have six days to scream.  We only have six more days to demand that the Bush administration revisit the “conscience” rule recently submitted by HHS Secretary Leavitt.

This is going to be a long post because I want to give you all the background.  From Planned Parenthood, here’s what’s going on:

On August 22, 2008, the Bush administration proposed a regulation to allow providers to withhold critical health care information.

The proposed regulation jeopardizes a patient’s right to know her options. This rule would completely disrupt the nation’s health care delivery system at a time when more and more families are uninsured and under economic assault. Here’s why:


  • The HHS proposed regulation is intentionally vague. By leaving the term “abortion” undefined, the regulation creates a dangerous space for ideology and political views to be inserted into medical practices, emergency rooms, and clinics all across the country, and when that happens, women suffer.
  • The proposed regulation complicates the law instead of clarifying the law. The new regulation lets health care providers define abortion, which could threaten broader reproductive health care, including contraception.
  • The fact that HHS took out the definition of abortion that was included in an earlier draft is a red herring because this proposed regulation — even more than the previous leaked version — leaves health care services and information open to personal interpretation and political agendas.
  • This rule will allow anti-choice extremists to receive federal funds for so-called “crisis pregnancy centers” — anti-choice facilities whose purpose is to deceive and dissuade women from accessing birth control and abortion information and services.

Senators, including Obama, and members of the House sent letters to the Administration opposing the new rule.  56 organizations (ACLU, Feminist Majority, NARAL Pro Choice America, NOW, The United Methodist Church, YWCA, etc.) joined Planned Parenthood in sending a letter of opposition to Secretary Leavitt. 

The public has 30 days to comment on the rule before it goes into effect.  I strongly urge you to take this opportunity to do so.  Planned Parenthood has made it easy.  Go to their Action Center and add your voice today.

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Choose the bumper sticker

What happens when you ask NARAL Pro-Choice America members to submit ideas for a bumper sticker?  You get more than 6,000 replies.  They’re now taking votes on the best ones:

McCain-Palin: 15th Century Solutions for the 21st Century
McCain-Palin: The Anti-Choice
McCain-Palin: The Bridge to No Choice!
McCain-Palin: (Supreme) Courting Disaster
With McCain-Palin…There is NO Choice!

I’d say that I adore the first one, but I would’t want to sway you.  Go vote.  Winner tba by the end of the week.

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NOW Endorses Obama-Biden

Citing issues such as pay equity, reproductive rights, and violence against women, Kim Gandy, the Chair of the National Organization of Women’s Political Action Committee, announced yesterday her organization’s endorsement of the Obama-Biden ticket.  From the endorsement:

For more than a decade, Barack Obama has said “yes” to women’s rights, while John McCain has consistently said “no” – NO to pay equity, NO to contraceptive access and reproductive rights, NO to appointing Supreme Court judges who will uphold women’s rights and civil rights, NO to funding shelters and other anti-violence programs, and NO to supporting working moms and dads with policies that support work/life balance.

NOW supported Sen. Hillary Clinton in the primary, and now we join with her in saying “NO” — No Way, No How, No McCain!

 Feminist Majority also endorsed the ticket.  For more, visit the NOW PAC’s Obama website.

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The 64th Carnival of Feminists

The 64th Carnival of Feminists is up and your host, Earlgreyrooibos, is ready to take you on a tour of the feminist blogospere.  Happy reading!

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