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If we’re going to talk about associating with terrorists

In the Huffington Post yesterday, Murray Waas reported that William Timmons, the lobbyist whom John McCain has appointed as head of his Presidential transition team, “aided an influence effort on behalf of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein to ease international sanctions against his regime.”  I think that trumps Ayers.

Here’s some more detail from Waas’ article:

Virtually everything Timmons did while working on the lobbying campaign was within days conveyed by Vincent to either one or both of Saddam Hussein’s top aides, Tariq Aziz and Nizar Hamdoon. Vincent also testified that he almost always relayed input from the Iraqi aides back to Timmons.

Talking points that Timmons produced for the lobbyists to help ease the sanctions, for example, were reviewed ahead of time by Aziz, Vincent testified in court. Proposals that Timmons himself circulated to U.S. officials as part of the effort were written with the assistance of the Iraqi officials, and were also sent ahead of time with Timmons’ approval to Aziz, other records show.

Moreover, there was a major financial incentive at play for Timmons. The multi-million dollar oil deal that he was pursuing with the two other lobbyists would only be possible if their efforts to ease sanctions against Iraq were successful.

There is so, so, so much detail in Waas’ piece.  The above is simply a tease to convince you to go read it.

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And just like that …

… terrorism could come back to the forefront on the campaign trail.  There’s been another attack on the US Embassy in Yemen.  While no Americans were injured, sixteen people in total, including the attackers, were killed.  A group by the name of Islamic Jihad has claimed responsibility. 

We’ll see if this alters the landscape on the trail today, as this is the perfect opportunity for John McCain to, once again, start talking about the military and for idiots to begin circulating anew those Obama-is-Muslim rumors.  For his part, Obama can emphasize how the Bush administration’s war has inflamed the rest of the Islamic world and misdirected our efforts in stopping terrorism.  Of course, nobody could mention or do any of this.  We’ll see. 

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