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A Sean Tevis Update

First, visit Sean’s site.  Then, realize that his goal is 3000 donors.  When I first wrote my blurb on Sean, he had about 300 donors.  That was yesterday morning.  As of last night, he had 2,894.  That is *so* cool.  He’s only asking $8.34 per donor.  That’s reasonable, right?  So even if you don’t live in Kansas, this guy is cool enough for you to forgo two days worth of Starbucks.  And if you do live in Kansas or made some money in the stock upturn yesterday or just really, really love politics, here are the cool benefits Sean will give you for donating more than $8.34:

Donate more than $8.34 and get some nice things:

  • $60 – We’ll send a really nice, big thank you card signed by all of our volunteers. It’s not exotic or valuable, but it’s genuine appreciation. We’d love to send you more, but we’re really trying to conserve our resources and spend thriftily.
  • $120 – We’ll send you a limited edition campaign t-shirt. It’s well-designed, unlike most campaign stuff.
  • $250 – We’ll send you a limited edition campaign t-shirt and a coffee mug with the Kansas flag on it.
  • $500 – We’ll send you a limited edition campaign t-shirt, a coffee mug with the Kansas flag on it, and a DVD video from Sean Tevis’ mom telling you how wonderful you are, because you are.

I love that you can get a video from his Mom.  Awesome.

UPDATE:  They’ve met their 3000 donor goal!!  But you could still get that cool t-shirt or the awesome video from Sean’s Mom.  Click and give, people.  Click and give.

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