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I can’t resist

Ok, this is, like, three weeks old and we’ve covered this ground, but The Angry Black Woman pointed me today (no, not personally) to this fantastic post over at the blog, Whatever.  Read Fox News Would Like To Take a Moment To Remind You That the Obamas Are As Black As Satan’s Festering, Baby-Eating Soul.  Again, I know we’ve already talked about the baby-mama drama tossed at Michelle Obama from Fox Noise, but this post will have you rolling.  John Scalzi from Whatever is damn hillarious.  Enjoy.

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I’m dizzy ….

Just as I was reviewing some data on my last post about the US confronting it’s issues with racism, I get notice of this post from last night over at DailyKos:

Fox Smears Michelle Obama with Sexist/Racist Slur

Please go over there and read the post and look at the screen shot.  In order to respect the fact that they have the story, I won’t republish it.  But I will tell you that, with Michelle Malkin hosting, the caption under the picture of Michelle Obama reads this:

“Outraged Liberals:  Stop Picking On Obama’s Baby Mama!”

What?!?!  Are you kidding me?  Is it possible that a mainstream media outlet, even one as crazy as FOX Noise, really just went that far into the racist barrel?  The room is spinning ….


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