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Why I love Jack and Jill Politics

Jack and Jill Politics is one of my fave blogs.  I’m really hoping to meet them at the convention in August, but I digress.  Right now, on their blog, you can read this piece:  Why We Must Challenge Fake Noise.  It’s an excellent piece giving our man Obama a bit of a hardtime about his Father’s Day speech.  They put into eloquence exactly what I’ve been thinking, but wasn’t sure how (as a really white chick blogger) to say.  Essentially, their point is that Obama’s preaching about black men being lousy fathers is a lousy way to represent the model of black man as father.  And his doing so gives idiots like the folks at Fox Noise fodder for their hate mongering. 

Here’s where I’m gonna do that white person thing:  I know a lot of black men (see, I just did it) who are great fathers.  Seriously.  Some of them are married to the mothers of their children and some of them are not.  Of the ones who are married, some of them are happily so and some are not.  But whatever their circumstance, the running thread seems to be utter devotion to their kids.  Do I know some deadbeat black Dads?  Absolutely.  But I know just as many white ones.  And Obama wasn’t talking about them, was he?

I’m with Jack and Jill on this one.  Obama’s my man and sometimes we have to be hard on the ones we love.  Please go read their piece and make your own comments.

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