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Let’s keep our heads

I’m a little superstitious.  I have avoided posting about polling numbers for a while because they’ve just looked too good.  I don’t want to make too much hay of this good thing just quite yet.  We have to wait.  We have to work.  We have to get out the vote.  As my friend Richard pointed out yesterday, the $1200 or so we raised at our Sunday fundraiser is just 30 tanks of gas for vans to get folks to the polls on November 4.  Nothing more, nothing less. 

But I will just briefly mention that Chuck Todd (yes, sensei) has put up some numbers this morning that make me ever so slightly giddy:

After moving the battlegrounds of Colorado and Virginia from Toss-up to Lean Obama, the Democratic presidential nominee now has crossed the 270 Electoral Vote threshold in NBC’s electoral map. One week before the election, Obama leads McCain 286-163, up from his 264-163 advantage a week ago. As we pointed out on Friday, the significance of moving Colorado and Virginia into Obama’s column is this: If Obama wins those two states, plus Nevada, he can still get to 270 — even if he loses Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

And while I don’t want to lose my head just yet, I’ll also share Todd’s numbers on McCain’s home state:

In addition to the Colorado and Virginia changes, we have moved McCain’s home state of Arizona from Likely McCain to Lean McCain, a tip to the reality that Arizona, without McCain on the ticket, would have been a contested battleground. A new poll conducted by a Democratic group found McCain with just a four-point lead over Obama in the state, 48%-44%. This comes on the heels of private polls we have seen that show the presidential contest to be tight in Arizona. In addition, McCain’s collapse in Hispanic support is contributing to this downturn here as well.

Let’s hold it together, people.  There are 8 days left.  And a lot could happen in 8 days.  A … LOT.


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