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Asheville Paper: Bear Killed, Draped with Obama Signs

From the Editor & Publisher:

The Asheville (N.C.) Citizen Times reports, “A dead bear was found dumped this morning on the Western Carolina University campus, draped with a pair of Obama campaign signs, university police said.”

Maintenance workers at 7:45 a.m. found  a 75-pound bear cub dumped at the roundabout at the entrance to campus, said Tom Johnson, chief of university police. “It looked like it had been shot in the head as best we can tell. A couple of Obama campaign signs had been stapled together and stuck over its head,” Johnson said.  University police called in N.C. Wildlife Resources officials to remove the body and help in the investigation. “This is certainly unacceptable,” Johnson said. “Someone was wanting to draw attention to the election.

“If we find out who they are, we’ll make sure Western Carolina University deplores the inappropriate behavior that led to this troubling incident,” said Leila Tvedt, associate vice chancellor “We cannot speculate on the motives of the people involved, nor who those people might be. Campus police are cooperating with authorities to investigate this matter.”

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