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Bill Clinton with Obama in Florida

This is as close as I can find to the whole thing.  Bill Clinton on stage with Obama in a midnight rally in Orlando last night.  Enjoy.


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Let’s get to the funny stuff

JJP, Ta-Nehisi and other folks are carrying this cut from Chris Rock’s appearance on David Letterman last night.  Their emphasis is on Rock’s hits on Bill Clinton.  Sure.  Here are two things I noticed:

1.  Letterman seems very uncomfortable;  and

2.  The funniest damned bit is when Chris talks about Michael Vick. 

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The Clintons need to go away

I’m gonna get into hot water for this post.  But it’s 5 am, CST, I’ve been up for hours, I’m living in a hotel with a four year old and a seven year old, and maybe I’ve lost enough of my mind not to care.  If you see me on the floor in Denver and I try to discuss something with you and you’re an HRC supporter, please talk to me anyway.  I’m really a nice person.  But I’ve just had it with the Clintons.

Let me say that when Bill did his thing (you know what I mean), I defended him.  I loved Bill Clinton.  I loved his Presidency.  My thinking then was that I didn’t give a rat’s ass what he did in his personal life.  That was between him and his wife.  When he lied about it, though, I cared, because that reflected his ethics and I do think those are important for a President.  But I do think that he’s one of the smartest men on the planet (intellectually) and was a fantastic President.

I’ve never been able to stand Hillary, not as a First Lady, not as a Senator.  Why?  Who knows.  I have friends in New York who love her because she’s been a great Senator for them and I have to respect that.  I do think that she is extraordinarily smart and extremely capable.  Were she our party’s nominee, I would have supported her whole heartedly.  I do think she would have made, and maybe someday will make, an excellent President.

But right now, Bill and Hill need to go away.  I am so tired of all of the negotiations, the tip toeing, the figuring out of how to make them happy at the Convention.  I’m tired of the two-step the Obama campaign is having to do to make Bill and Hill satisfied with their roles.  This is his time.  They need to get over it.

I read this morning that Bill is getting speaking time on Wednesday before the Veep speaks.  I’m sure the party faithful will love to hear Bill, but Obama should not have *had* to concede this time to Bill, giving the Clintons more face time at the Convention.  I’m positive that I heard a week or so ago that HRC was not going to submit her name for nomination at the Convention.  Yesterday, however, I read that she’s still not sure and her supporters are still demanding that she does so they can be heard.  Chicks, you’ve been heard loud and clear.  You all need to get over it, too.  If you’re desperate to hear her and spend time with her, there’s an EMILY’s List fundraiser on Tuesday, 8/24 at the Sheraton in Denver and for as little as $50 you can have HRC, Pelosi and Michelle. 

Getting back to Hillary, herself, I’m tired of her non-committal crap.  On a discussion on her website yesterday, she danced around the nomination issue and the VP issue.  Just commit to bowing out, please.  You know that it’s the right thing to do for the party.  You know that the party, for the sake of unity, needs you to simply say that you won’t submit your name.  Then the media can get over this “subterranean grumbling” line (I swear I just heard this on CNN).  Yes, your die hard supporters will be pissed, but, honestly, nothing will ever help them see the light.  As Obama said, “”We’re not talking to those people ….”

This is Obama’s time.  Had Hillary won the nomination, it would be her time and I know that Obama would have had the grace to step aside and let her have it.  Now she needs to do the same.  She gets her night at the Convention to speak and be front and center.  That needs to be the end of it.

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Back the hell off

I’ve been thinking about this post for awhile now.  There’s been a lot of flack aimed at Obama lately, especially from the progressive blogosphere, for positions he’s taken:  FISA, death penalty for child rapists, DC gun ban, campaign financing.  If I have to explain any of this to you, then this post probably isn’t directed at you and you can save yourself some time and go read something like this piece on the Gitmo interrogation tapes that were just released

Here’s the deal:  Obama never promised to be a one-trick-pony candidate.  He never promised to toe the progressive party line.  He promised to be a new kind of candidate.  He promised to stick to his conscience.  He promised to use his intelligence.  He promised to strike forth on the path of a new kind of politics.  He promised change.  Simply bowing to the progressive wing, not following his own convictions, not doing what won him the nomination in the first place, would be betraying who he is:  the man behind the politician who created this political phenomenon from the start.

Obama hasn’t “moved” to the center, as many progressives have claimed.  Obama has been all over the map, and rightly so.  When his conscience and his intelligence tell him that something is right, he follows them and takes the appropriate action, as he did with FISA.  I’m as pissed as anyone over FISA, but I understand that Obama felt that it was the best possible solution at this time. 

Certainly, I do think that some of Obama’s moves have been calculated as a bit more centrist to appeal to a broader voter base.  Progressives love to jump up and down and scream about their candidates moving to the center during the general election “just” to win votes.  Well what the hell do they expect?  If they want someone like Nader to simply run on a straight progressive line and lose every – single – time, then they can have at it.  If, however, they want a serious candidate with a progressive bent, then they have to expect that candidate to take positions that will court the independent vote.  It may not make progressives happy, but it is smart politics and the only way to win.  Take a look at Bill Clinton’s record to see smart politics, winning elections, in action.

Progressives need to back the hell off of Obama.  I’m all for keeping politicians honest.  I have certainly given Obama a bit of shit here on this blog.  There are things he does that make me a little nuts.  But he is our guy, folks.  You want the alternative?  You want McCain?  Keep tearing Obama down and you just might get him.

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Hillary Clinton and Monsanto

I’m sending you over to CarolynBaker.net today to read this:

An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton from a Wellesley College Alum

This grandmother is reading Clinton the riot act over her connections to and Bill’s various endorsements of the The Monsanto Company.  Read it and decide for yourselves. 

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