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Watch your associations

There are some clouds gathering once again into a bit of storm for the Obama campaign over a loose and past association Obama had with Bill Ayers, one of the founders of the Weathermen, a radical anti-Vietnam-war organization in the ’60’s and ’70’s.  The McCain campaign, declaring that they will run an even more negative and personal attack campaign in the 30 days left before the election, is sure to use this association.  527 groups, like the American Issues Project, are running negative ads against the Senator using the association.

Here’s where I think the McCain campaign should be careful.  The chief complaint against Ayers is that his organization used bombs in carrying out their missions.  Get ready now ’cause I’m gonna make some folks mad:  McCain is strongly associated with Bush, who took this country into a war based on fake intelligence, by many accounts ginned up by the White House itself.  The bombs that the Bush White House used have killed thousands upon thousands.

McCain also needs to be careful in beginning a harsh personal attack campaign against Obama.  Party faithful are locked into their candidates by now.  The folks both campaigns are looking to convince at this point are swing voters and they are increasingly turned off by personal politics in this election.  In this election, particularly, they are looking for answers:  how will they keep their homes, how will they pay for gas, how will the find or keep a job?  These “kitchen table” issues really are driving this election.

Of course, this is exactly why the McCain campaign is trying this new strategy.  They are losing big while the campaign is focused on the economy.  This new tactic is one of desperation.

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