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Yes, Virginia, election day really is November 4

Virginia voters are being treated to one of the oldest tricks in the voter suppression handbook:  telling voters that election day for them is really November 5.  Recently, Virginia Democrats in Hampton Roads (Norfolk, Virginia Beach, etc.) have received fliers advising that election day for them is the day after the election, on Wednesday, 11/5.  This flier is especially misleading because it carries the state seal of Virginia and purports to be from the State Board of Elections.  Here’s the text:


Due to the larger than expected voter turnout in this years [sic] electoral process, An [sic] emergency session of the General Assembly has adopted the following emergency regulations to ease the load on local electorial [sic] precincts and ensure a fair electorial [sic] process. 

All Democratic party supporters and independent voters supporting Democratic candidates shall vote on November 5th as adopted by emergency regulation of the Virginia General Assembly.

All Republican party supporters and independent voters supporting Republican candidates shall vote on November 4th as precribed [sic] by law.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause but felt this was the only way to ensure fairness to the complete electorial [sic] process.

Yeah, the flier really did speall “electoral” wrong.  Full disclosure:  I grew up in Hampton Roads.  But this story should make everyone mad.  If you know Democrats, especially African American Democrats, whose neighborhoods were (surprise!) heavily targeted, in the Hampton Roads area, please pass the word that this flier is bogus and election day really is November 4 … for everyone.

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