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Email your Congressman?

Well, maybe not.  Apparently, members of the House have been receiving so many emails from constituents pissed off over this bailout thing that the House of Representatives’ website has been on the verge of crashing.  To that end, they have now put a limit on the number of emails that can come through the system at any given time.  So if you try to send an email to your Representative, you’ll more than likely get this instead of a confirmation screen:

The House of Representatives is currently experiencing an extraordinarily high amount of e-mail traffic. The Write Your Representative function is therefore intermittently available. While we realize communicating to your Members of Congress is critical, we suggest attempting to do so at a later time, when demand is not so high. System engineers are working to resolve this issue and we appreciate your patience.

Yeah, write later, like after the economy has completely tanked with no hope of revival.  Thank you.


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