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Going into the censorship business

Yesterday, my blog got a record number of hits with my post about the debacle over at MSNBC.  I also got a record number of comments.  Most were positive, some negative.  I don’t mind negative comments.  I do not moderate comments on my blog.  That is, when someone enters a comment, it shows up straight away, not having to pass through me before it is approved for entry.  I like open discussion and believe that people’s intelligence will generate honest debate on issues I discuss here.

Unfortunately, I had to delete a couple of comments here yesterday.  One called me a bitch and one called Hillary Clinton a whore.  I did not contact the poster who called Hillary Clinton a whore.  So, if you’re reading this, sorry, but that was out of bounds, in line with David Shuster’s “pimping” comment that started this whole fiasco which was, I’m sure, your point.  It was still out of line and I won’t allow it.

I did email the person who posted the bitch comment.  I’m all for someone dissing me.  Bring it on.  But you may not use such a pejorative term.  I suggested other terms he (yes, I’m making an assumption that the poster was male … prove me wrong) could use and encouraged him to repost his comment minus the offensive term.  In fact, I’ll post it for him:

“There is no equal time laws for cable.  My god..if you are going to whine like a (bleep) about something, at least do some research to avoid looking foolish.”

There actually is an FCC fairness rule for cable TV and I encouraged this person, as I do you, dear reader, to look it up.  But that wasn’t my case in this blog, was it?  Did I call out the FCC fairness rules?  Did I cite the Discrimination clause?  Um, no. 

In any case, this person is free to diss me as much as he would like.  He just may not use the word “bitch” to do so.  Oh, and whore, cunt, douchebag, and all of their sisters are out, too.  I will stand up for women in my little corner of the cyberworld.


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