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I adore James Carville.  He reminds me of so many of the characters I’ve known in the South, or at least composites of them.  What he sees in his wife, Mary Matalin, though, I cannot understand.  Her latest move of patriotism is to publish, via Threshold Editions, the division of Simon & Schuster that she runs, the book, “The Obama Nation,” by Jerome Corsi.  This book has so many factual errors that the Obama campaign has published a 40 page … that’s FORTY PAGES, folks … rebuttal, called “Unfit for Publication,” which appears at FightTheSmears.com.

Corsi got little things, like the date of Barack and Michelle’s wedding, wrong.  But then Corsi got big things, like Obama’s religion (Christian) wrong.  How someone as seemingly intelligent and, I truly believe, as passionate about her country as Mary Matalin could let this kind of trash “journalism” through her publishing house is beyond me.

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