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Oh … my … Lord

This post has two purposes.  First, I’m alerting you that posts for the next week will be spotty, at best.  AshPolitics is moving.  No, not domains, physically moving, from MD to AL.  Yes, Alabama.  To that end, I’m headed down there househunting so won’t be posting as much for the next week.

I’ve been a little concerned about moving that far South, even though I am, as we know, a Southern girl.  Y’all know we spend a lot of time here talking about diversity and race relations.  And now I’m moving to AL.  Oh, Lord.

Coincidentally, this morning I read this over at Alternet.org:  Surviving a Weekend with America’s Premiere Pro-White Activist Group by Gabriel Thompson.  Guess where Gabriel hung out with these racist folks?  Alabama!  Gee whiz!  What a shock.  And you know who was there spewing racist propaganda?  Alabama State Sen. Charles Bishop!  They don’t even try to hide that shit.  Great.

If you pray, send one up for me, please, that I don’t lose my mind straight away.  I’ll keep you posted.

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