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Second debate poll results

Here’s a round up of poll results for the second Presidential debate (click links for details):

CBS poll of 516 uncommitted voters:  40% Obama, 26% McCain, 34% tie

CNN poll of 675 debate watchers:  54% Obama, 30% McCain

AOL unscientific poll as of 7:23 am CT with 340,123 voting:  52% Obama, 41% McCain, 7% tie

MSNBC unscientific poll as of 7:27 am CT with 506,070 responses:  52% Obama, 35% McCain, 3.7% Tied, 8.7% Not sure

SurveyUSA poll of 904 debate watchers in California:  56% Obama, 26% McCain, 18% no clear winner

SurveyUSA poll of 741 debate watchers in Washington:  54% Obama, 29% McCain, 18% no clear winner

The MediaCurves poll is broken down by voter affiliation.  Of 1004 voters, it shows that Republicans thought McCain won 68% to 20%, Dems thought Obama won 84% to 10% and, most critically, Independents thought Obama won 52% to 34%. 

As with the last debate, I could find no polling results for FOX News, though, no surprise, most of their pundits conclude that McCain won.

If you know of another post debate poll, please let me know.

**UpdateHuffPo has this from Fox:  “Frank Luntz’s focus group, over at Fox, showed undecided voters leaning towards Obama because of his position on health care.”  That’s all I’ve been able to find about Fox.  If you find more, let me know.

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