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More voter suppression concerns

AlterNet.com reported yesterday, via some great info from Madison.com, that Wisconsin is following Michigan’s lead (as we discussed here) in trying to suppress voting by requiring that voter’s address on their drivers’ licenses match the address on the voter rolls.  Does that sound like common sense to you?  Well, it’s not.  

Here’s the deal:  the Republican (shock) Attorney General has filed a lawsuit trying to enact the requirement.  From the Madison.com article:

If a judge rules in Van Hollen’s favor, Witzel-Behl said city staffers would have to check 3,612 voters who registered by mail since the beginning of 2006. They have already processed 1,256 registrations that have been filed since the statewide database went online last month and have sent 100 letters to voters whose information didn’t match and got 37 responses. The discrepancies typically come from names that are written differently on voter registration forms than on driver’s licenses or driver’s license numbers that are wrong or illegible.

This is the same issue, mind you, that folks are finding in Florida, where the most common error causing voters’ ID’s and voter registration rolls to not match are name misspellings.  Who does this affect most?  Minority populations.  Names like Liz Smith (made up) are easy to spell and easily recognized by those keying data into voter databases.  Names like Tamir Nowroozi (made up), however, may throw someone off and may end up being spelled like Tamir Nowrozi, causing an error through no fault of the voter.  Beyond names, say you live on an oddly spelled street, perhaps Windemere Way.  All it would take is for someone to key in Windmere lane, leaving out that middle “e,” and you’re in big voting trouble.  Let’s move on to drivers’ license numbers.  What if your license number is 723598 (made up) and someone keyed in 723698?  Oops.  You’re out of luck.  Get the issue now?

This is a big deal folks and these lawsuits, new regs, etc. are invariably being raised by Republicans in attempts to suppress voter turnout, especially among young and minority populations.  Again, I urge you to visit NoVoterLeftBehind.net and to make sure that you are registered to vote correctly.



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