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Fighting for the Jewish vote

Remember how we talked yesterday about push polling Jewish votersPolitico is running a piece today which expands on that original report.  We now understand that the conservative Republican Jewish Coalition is behind this effort, placing 750 calls to Jewish voters in five states asking questions about Obama designed to flesh out the best strategy to help McCain win the Jewish vote.  From Politico:

(The New Republic’s Jonathan Cohn, who received a call, said) that he was asked how six different statements would affect his vote: 

• Obama has had a decade long relationship with pro-Palestinian leaders in Chicago 

• the leader of Hamas, Ahmed Yousef, expressed support for Obama and his hope for Obama’s victory 

• the church Barack Obama has attended is known for its anti-Israel and anti-American remarks 

Jimmy Carter‘s anti-Israel national security advisor is one of Barack Obama’s foreign policy advisors 

• Barack Obama was the member of a board (sic) that funded a pro-Palestinian charitable organization 

• Barack Obama called for holding a summit of Muslim nations, excluding Israel, if elected president

Most of the statements are true, at least in part. Obama was friendly with pro-Palestinian leaders in Chicago in his early days in politics, but they denounced him years ago for his support of Israel. Obama’s church bulletin ran articles sympathetic to the Palestinian cause; Brzezinski is an informal advisor to Obama; the Woods Fund, whose board he served on, gave a grant to a community center in Chicago founded by Palestinian activists; and he did propose a summit of Muslim nations.

But the poll – and the Republican Jewish Coalition’s material more generally – leaves out virtually all of Obama’s recent record, which includes a stance on Israel that has won him praise from the main pro-Israel lobby, AIPAC, and attacks from Palestinian leaders.

He has pushed legislation, for instance, that would force companies to divest from Iran, and has backed Israel’s right to aggressively fight Palestinian militants. He’s also had a good relationship with Chicago’s Jewish community.

“Mr. Obama’s commitment to Israel, as he has articulated it so far in his campaign, is quite moving and a tribute to the broad, bipartisan support that the Jewish state has in America,” the fiercely pro-Israel New York Sun editorialized earlier this year. 

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Push polling Jewish voters in Florida

Remember that post on Lieberman and the Jewish vote?  Well, this is interesting.  I received notice this morning of an email sent yesterday to members of JewsVote.org about push polling in Florida targeting Jewish voters.  Here ya go:

We woke up this morning with a disturbing email in our in-box. It said that in the past few days, Florida voters have started receiving push polls, or fake polls in which the caller “pushes” an untruth about a candidate by phrasing it as a question.

I spoke to one recipient of the push poll. Joelna Marcus received a phone call to her Key West residence that went like this:

She was asked if she is Jewish, and she replied in the affirmative.

She was asked if she was religious.

She was then asked if her opinion of Barack Obama would change if she knew that Obama had given lots and lots of money to the PLO.

Joelna told me the caller admited that the calls were meant for Jews only. And the firm sending the calls, Research Strategies, has a history of working for Republican candidates.

This is just the beginning, and it will only get worse.

These slimy tactics are employed during campaigns because they are effective. The mistake we have made in years past was our collective failure to respond. Yes, the campaign has the primary responsibility to fight against these lies. But if we don’t want to wake up on November 5 to a McCain/Palin victory, all of us have to fight back as well.

If everyone on this list sent ONE email to 100 people, we could reach hundreds of thousands… not even counting those who forward your email to their friends and family.

Take a few minutes and send your email today. 

I’d like to recommend one email in particular, an email we wrote in response to numerous requests from the JewsVote community. It is titled “You voted Kerry, so why vote McCain?” and it addresses many of the most common reasons Jewish voters remain unsure about Obama. Once you log in to my.JewsVote.org, you will find it in the Send Email section.

Thank you for taking the time to make a difference in this election. 


Mik Moore & Ari Wallach
co-Executive Directors
Jewish Council for Education & Research

This email was sent from JewsVote.org, a project of the Jewish Council for Education & Research and is not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee. To learn more about the Jewish Council for Education & Research, visit http://jcer.info. If you are interested in sharing emails like this with your friends and family, go to http://jewsvote.org


Here’s another article:  US Jews report calls disparaging Obama

The PLO assertion goes back to a friendship between Obama and Columbia University professor and pro-Palestinian activist Rashid Khalidi.  Obama sat on the board of an organization which granted Khalidi’s organization some money … six years ago … when Khalidi was teaching in Chicago.  What a ridiculously loose connection on which to base the foundation of this push poll.



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Lieberman and the Jewish vote

Continuing on the angry theme, let me say that I’m really, really pissed at Joe Lieberman.  I really used to like the guy.  Now, I see him as a scum sucking sycophant.  And a complete hypocrite.  (Yes, that was a sentence fragment.  Sue me.) 

Joe has flaunted his Jewishness for years, courting Jewish Democrats for their money, influence, and votes.  Now, he’s going out to court the Jewish vote (and money and influence) for McCain.  What’s astounding to me is that he could work so hard for a man who chose for a running mate Sarah Palin, whose Pastor is a supporter of the Jews for Jesus movement.  And, yeah, if going after Jeremiah Wright was fair, going after Palin’s Pastor, Larry Kroon, is just as fair.

Joe has all but turned his back on the Democratic party, after agreeing to caucus with them subsequent to running as an Independent in 2006 and, thus, giving the Dems a 51-49 majority in the Senate.  He was rewarded for that decision with chairmanship of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.  Given his speech at the Republican convention, however, he is no longer attending Democratic policy luncheons and is in danger of having the Dems take disciplinary action against him, post election.

Turning his back on the Dems and running to the Republicans could be, for Joe, jumping out of the mud into the shit.  The Republican party has never been known for tolerance and Palin’s addition to the ticket doesn’t do anything to make that better.  Joe brought a good piece of the Jewish vote to Gore in 2000, but fronting for a woman who has such close ties, at least tangentially, to the Jews for Jesus movement can’t be good for his rep in his own community.

Joe may find himself as a man without a country, so to speak.  And at this point, that would be fine with me.

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