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Wake Up and Save Your Country

Go here:  Wake Up and Save Your Country.

Download this:  Voter’s Guide, color or black and white, it doesn’t matter.  Read it, print it, keep it with you.  It has all the great websites (where to verify that you and everyone you know or meet is registered to vote correctly, how to check your polling place online, etc.), info on voter fraud and current campaigns to trick voters, how to volunteer to protect this election, etc.  It’s really great stuff, written in language that makes it accessible for everyone.

There’s more great material at this website:  a Karl Rove jib jab on how to steal, I mean “swing,” elections; info on the vulnerabilities on voting machines; links to other voting projects and key websites, etc.  Go check it out.

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Ruby Rove

Remember that post on Frenemies and how it was astounding that Karl Rove came out against the dirty tactics of John McCain’s campaign?  Here’s a fantastic political cartoon along those lines, by Jeff Darcy for The Cleveland Plain-Dealer:


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Republican Frenemies

John McCain is finding himself with a couple of outstanding Republican frenemies after his nasty attack ads, especially the one distorting Obama’s record on education.  First, Mitt Romney, of all people, called out McCain and wondered what folks would see as the future of the Republican party:

And then today, CNN published an article online with this quote from … drum roll … Karl Rove(!):

“McCain has gone in some of his ads — similarly gone one step too far,” he told Fox News, “and sort of attributing to Obama things that are, you know, beyond the ‘100 percent truth’ test.”

In fairness, I must say that the “similarly” gone too far comparison was to the Obama campaign, but it is astounding to me that Rove would turn on McCain in this manner.  Rove, the mastermind behind the reprehensible smear campaign against McCain in 2000 during the Bush / McCain primary, is the last person on earth to be calling anyone else out for nastiness.  And yet, here he is, calling out McCain.  Fascinating, isn’t it?

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