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Keating 5: A brief history

I know you’ve heard of the Keating 5, but do you know what it was all about?  Watch this for a history and why it ties into what’s happening today:

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There are so many things wrong with this

Watch this:

Let’s review:

1.  The economy will certainly come into the debate, hence McCain’s reluctance to debate.

2.  Let’s review:  Obama has proposed five bills during this session of Congress that have gone to the banking committee.  McCain?  Zero.

3.  I can’t believe Michael Reagan brought up Franklin Raines, who has a tangential, at best, relationship to the Obama campaign, when it’s McCain who has a former Fannie Mae / Freddie Mac guy RUNNING HIS CAMPAIGN.  These guys are unbelievable.

4.  And, of course, we have the obvious slamming of the door when the Keating 5 scandal comes up.  Not even Chris Matthews slams the door that hard.

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Why bloggers are relevant

While at the Democratic National Convention, writing for Zennie’s Zeitgeist, I frequently found myself defending my right to be there.  Writers for mainstream media outlets, political operatives, the average Joe on the street asked the same question:  “How are bloggers different from ‘regular’ media?”  And writers for mainstream media outlets went one step further:  “What makes you better than I am?”

The answer to this question has several prongs, but I’ll focus this morning on this:  we cover things the mainstream media doesn’t have the chops or energy for and we dig deeper into the issues that the MSM only has the courage to scratch the surface of.  Frank Rich, in his Op-Ed in the New York Times yesterday, gives me the perfect opening to talk about this.  “‘Truthiness’ Stages A Comeback” mentions many of the issues, including the Keating 5 scandal, Cindy McCain’s drug use, and Palin’s cronyism, that the mainstream media is letting slip by during this election cycle.  In the blogosphere, however, these issues, and many more, are getting coverage.  Here’s a quick tour (note: AshPolitics is not responsible for the content on these sites):

Revisiting the Keating 5 scandal and how it’s relevant to the current economic crisis:

  • MyDD: “McCain’s Strategic Blunder: Opening the Door to Keating Five”
  • The Keating Five:  What Every American Voter Should Know About John McCain
  • The Huffington Post:  McCain’s Economic Policy Keating 5 All Over Again (Video)
  • Brave New Films:  Current Economic Meltdown Just Like McCain’s Keating 5 Scandal

Cindy McCain’s Drug Use and the McCain Staff’s Involvement in the Cover Up:

  • Open Left:  Did McCain Tamper with the Drug Enforcement Agency to Protect His Career?
  • Addiction Inbox:  Cindy McCain’s Drug Addiction:  She’s No Betty Ford
  • Mahalo:  John McCain DEA
  • Lipstick Alley:  BREAKING: McCain covered up Cindy’s drug use/theft, blocked DEA probe of her charity

The Palin Administration:  accusations of cronyism and abuse:

  • Vox Mia:  Sarah Palin’s real record:  cronyism, secrecy, and abuse of power
  • Hat Thief:  Vetting Sarah Palin: Irl Stambaugh, Walt Monegan and Cronyism
  • Jack and Jill Politics:  McCain’s Choice, Palin Was Nearly Recalled as Mayor for Abuse of Power
  • The Agitator:  Troubling New Palin Revelations

Those are just three issues.  I hope you find this instructive and perhaps another time I’ll post on other reasons why bloggers are relevant.  For now, AshPolitics is open for comment / debate on the topic ….

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