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McCain no friend of the military

There’s an open secret in the US Military:  more folks want Obama to win this election.  I know, you’re shocked.  Most people are.  The Center for Responsive Politics backs this up, reporting in August that Obama has received nearly six times the amount of donations that McCain has received from troops serving abroad.  So, let’s make sure we understand, those folks actually killing people and at risk of being killed in Iraq in Afghanistan would rather that Obama win the White House than hawkish McCain.

My friend Richard Smith, Alabama State Chair of Veterans for Obama, sent me an email with reams of details explaining why this might be so.  Below are some of the highlights (lowlights?).  If you’d like all of the information, just drop me a line at ashpolitics@gmail.com

  1. McCain Has Voted To Cut, Eliminate, or Gut Veterans Health Care Funding At Least 27 Times.
  2. Two Days After Iraq Invasion, McCain Voted Against A $1 Billion Increase In Veterans’ Programs.  The amendment failed 49-51. [SCR 23, Vote #74, 3/21/03]
  3. McCain Has Refused to Endorse Webb’s GI Education Bill.  (Obama not only voted in favor, he co-sponsored it.)  According to the Politico, “Yet the former Navy pilot and Vietnam POW makes himself a target by refusing to endorse Webb’s new GI education bill and instead signing on to a Republican alternative that focuses more on career soldiers than on the great majority who leave after their first four years.” [Politico, 4/30/08]   More:  Current GI Benefit Woefully Inadequate to Meet Educational Needs of GI’s. “The most a veteran can receive now is approximately $9,600 per year for four years. Those who served combat tours with the National Guard or Reserves are eligible for even less — typically just $440 per month, or $5,280 a year. By contrast, the College Board reports that the average four-year public college costs more than $65,000, or about $16,250 a year, for an in-state student. A private university costs on average about $133,000 for four years.” [The Hill, 4/22/08]

As I said, there are reams of details, including specifics on voting records and their impact.  Email me at ashpolitics@gmail.com for details.


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