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McCain’s true record on Veterans’ issues

McCain postures himself as a real fighter for veterans.  Recently, however, veterans’ groups have taken issue with this stance and issued some reports showing that the opposite is, in fact true.  The Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America points out that McCain missed 6 of 9 important votes on veterans bills this year and stood in the way of passage of the new GI bill.  VoteVets.org has issued this ad taking McCain to task for his position on that same bill:

This isn’t new ground for us here at AshPolitics.  On September 22, I posted a piece from Veterans for Obama detailing areas where McCain has, frankly, let veterans down. 

We should remember that the fact that McCain is a veteran doesn’t mean he’s good for veterans.  The fact that a Senator is gay doesn’t mean he’s good for gay rights.  The fact that a Senator is a woman doesn’t mean that she’s good on choice.  You get my point.  If veterans issues are important to you, go to IAVA.org and VoteVets.org and educate yourself before you vote.

**Update:  The IAVA Action Fund has issued their 2008 Congressional Report Card.  McCain’s grade?  D.  Obama’s grade?  B.  ‘Nuff said.

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