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Victory in Iraq

In their editorial this morning, the New York Times addresses a question I’ve been dying to ask:  What would a victory in Iraq look like?  From the Times:

We still do not know what Mr. McCain means with talk about some kind of magical “victory” in Iraq.

Exactly.  McCain and Palin keep saying that Obama is giving up on a victory in Iraq, that he isn’t willing to see us through to victory, that he’s willing wave the white flag of surrender (meaning that he’s denying us victory).  Well, what is victory?  I can’t figure it out.  The ethnic factions in Iraq have been fighting for thousands of years.  It is complete hubris to think that we can step in, wave our magic machine guns, and bring an end to that.  Overthrowing Saddam was a victory.  But beyond that, I cannot determine what a victory would look like.  Can you?  Do you have ideas?  Please, share them.

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