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Leonce Gaiter on McCain: The man was a punchline

Y’all know how much I love Leonce Gaiter’s work.  His post over at HuffPo this morning, a comment on the final debate, does not disappoint.  Here’s the first paragraph:

In the final debate, McCain was Presidential. Only the President was Nixon. The man behaved like an bitter, petulant child. He was righteously pissy throughout the evening. He was trembling. He was in a flop sweat of desperation. He obviously wanted tough but achieved the titanically silly–like your doddy old grandpa grumbling about political pet peeves. His thought process was rambling and ragged. When not speaking, he wore the shit-eating grin of a truly smug asshole. The man was a punchline.

McCain had a couple of truly bad moments in the evening, but here’s one that has been completely overlooked, as far as I can tell:  he suggested that veterans involved in the troops-to-teachers program shouldn’t have to worry with training or certification.  I can tell your stories of career military officers who went into classrooms and reflected that teaching was the hardest job they ever had.  That one moment showed, to me, that McCain was not only titanically silly, but titanically myopic.  Military service is to be honored and military training is excellent, but it does not serve as a stand in for training in every other profession.  McCain would never suggest (I hope) that a veteran could be a doctor without training.  He should not suggest the same about teaching.

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