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This POW thing is out of hand

Over at The Hill’s Pundits Blog yesterday, former Cheney aide Ron Christie took Obama to task for the McCain-out-of-touch ad saying that McCain can’t use a computer because of his war injuries.  I know it’s laughable, but I’m not kidding.  Here’s the quote:

While I’m reluctant to launch personal attacks, the behavior of Obama spokesman Bill Burton was reprehensible. With an arrogant, sneering demeanor, Burton refused to admit to Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer that the reason McCain is unable to use a computer is the result of lasting damage of the torture inflicted on McCain by his captors in North Vietnam.

The reason Bill Burton “refused” to admit it to Fox Noise (what a shock that it would originate with them) is that it is a load of crap.  For just a blatant example of what nonsense this is, may I point out that Stephen Hawking uses a computer?  Lord.

Yes, McCain’s service to his country was heroic.  There is no denying that.  But using it as an excuse is debasing it.  There was a time when McCain treated that experience with honor, refusing to use it as a tool of his campaign.  Now, however, we can’t escape it.  And this is the most blatant and ludicrous play on it yet.

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