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Montgomery, AL newspaper endorses Obama

I love this because it’s from my (deeply red) state.  From the Montgomery Advertiser:

… the Advertiser believes that Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois, the Democratic nominee, is the better candidate for the presidency on Nov. 4. Obama is a transformational figure, a generation younger than his opponent, a man with both a lively mind and a caring heart, and the first major party candidate for president whose understanding of the world is not molded by the Cold War or the Vietnam experience.


Ultimately, the most prized quality in a president has to be judgment, and there Americans have undeniable reason to doubt McCain. In the most crucial test of judgment any presidential candidate can make — the selection of the nominee for vice president — McCain failed miserably. His choice of the obviously unprepared Sarah Palin is deeply troubling.

McCain is 72 years old and would be the oldest man ever elected president. He has a history of melanoma, an especially dangerous form of cancer. Yet he chose a glaringly unready person as his running mate, potentially putting her, as the old phrase goes, a heartbeat away from the presidency. The thought of Sarah Palin behind the desk in the Oval Office is chilling.

In stark contrast, Obama made an immeasurably better choice in Delaware Sen. Joe Biden, a recognized authority on foreign policy and an individual clearly qualified to be president.


Obama combines an appeal to all that is good in America, to that deep-seated knowledge that we can and should do better, with sensible policy proposals that the nation can embrace. Years of allegedly conservative domestic policies have far more greatly benefited the few than the many in our country. Years of unsound foreign policy grounded in false premises have taken a terrible toll in American prestige, money and, most importantly, lives.

It is time for change. Obama represents that change. We urge his election on Nov. 4.


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