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Naomi Wolf: The End of America

We’ve talked before about Naomi Wolf’s book, The End of America. Now, My America Project has created a film based on her work. Watch the teaser below and then click to watch the full film.  There’s something going on, a subtle slipping away of our constitutional freedoms.  Your vote is critical.  Please watch.

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**Update:  For further reading, please see Ms. Wolf’s piece at Huffington Post, “Dear Conservatives, Will You Help Save the Republic from Military Takeover?”  An excerpt:

I warned that the executive would soon simply start to subvert the rule of law. See what the administration has done in response to congressional subpoenas.

I warned that the torture we saw in U.S.-held prisons was certainly directed from the top — a fact that Jane Mayer and others have fully documented since.

I warned that within six months we would see the definition of “terrorist” expanded so that the “terrorists” in the news would soon look like heartland, mainstream Americans. We now hear that mere protesters at the RNC in Minnesota have been charged as terrorists.

Another definition of a police state is when the leader seeks to seize control of big chunks of the national economy — with no oversight or accountability. Sound familiar?

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Sorry this took so long

OK, y’all, this is so late.  I should have sent you to this link over a month ago.  But, honestly, it took me until just a few minutes ago to finish reading all of it because it makes me so _ damn _ mad.  Let’s all harken back to how I feel about the Military Commissions Act and understand that Gitmo was opened so that we could have somewhere to torture people.  Please go read Naomi Wolf for background here.  Now, once you have all of that under you for support, go to the Post and read this:  General Accuses White House of War Crimes.  Take some time, y’all.  This is five pages of tough, honest reporting about how we’ve gotten to the place where we routinely torture sixteen year olds.  The arrogance and non-chalance of some of the characters in this report is revolting.  The only thing left to say is that everyone needs to read, learn, and then use his or her vote wisely.  This is no joke, y’all.


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Neo Fascism and the United States

I have to thank Squirmelicious this morning for jogging my brain to post on this.  Head over to his blog, which you should always be reading, by the way, to check out his very disturbing recap of Privacy International’s annual report on privacy and surveillance around the globe.  The US gets an abysmal rating, at the bottom of the barrel where we sit with such noteworthy human rights advocates as China and Thailand.

This all reminds me of Naomi Wolf’s book, The End of America:  Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot.  It’s $11.16 over at Amazon.com.  Go order it or head to your local book shop and pick up a copy and read it, today.  It won’t take you long.  I think I read it in three hours.  It will blow – your – mind.  And scare the hell out of you.  And then you’ll understand why we got such an horrific rating from Privacy International.

You can also check out Ms. Wolf giving a talk about the book here, on YouTube:

Oh, and when you read about the Military Commissions Act, know that both Senator Obama and Senator Clinton (and Senators Biden and Dodd) voted against it.  Surprise, however, Senator McCain not only voted for it, but spoke in earnest for the bill.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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