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Newsroom attacks?

So what’s really going on here?  I purposely did not report the letter received at the New York Times last week with a “white granular substance” in it.  The powder turned out to be nothing worth mentioning.  Today, however, Editor & Publisher is reporting that Reuters received an envelope out of which came a “puff of white powder” when opened.  The news room has been evacuated while police investigate. 

Let’s just assume that this will turn out to be a hoax, too. (Lord, let’s hope so.)  If it does, then what’s really going on here?  Is this another attempt, as with the Syria thing (don’t investigate too much the relative seriousness or lack thereof in my use of the word ‘thing’ to describe the Syrian event), to gin up some sort of fear of terrorism which would play into McCain’s hands with 8 days to go.  Or maybe this has nothing to do with politics and the timing is just super unfortunate.  I guess we can only keep watching.

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