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So I’ve given myself an hour or so to process the Obama ad and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised.  First, I will tell you what I hated:  he sounded, as always, stuffed up and that irritated me all the way through.  It’s the same issue I had with (and why I couldn’t post) his 2 minute wrap up ad earlier this week.  Totally my pet peeve issue. 

The oval office type setting could go either way with folks.  I’d say it was good.  This gives folks a chance to see a black dude in a white house like setting and see that they can be comfortable with that. 

I agree with Gov. Earley of NC and with Howard Fineman of Newsweek that this was a moving and emotional ad.  Obama connected with the middle class here and directly with swing state voters.  He completed the narrative of his family and background for the undecided voter.  The script was polished, the details firm, the transitions smooth, and yet it felt authentic and grounded.

Unlike Chris Matthews, I felt the transition to the live speech was jarring.  The taped piece had been soothing and calm, I felt, and then we transferred suddenly to a loud arena and a hyped Obama.  It seemed too quick and altered for my mind.  But his speech was good, if typical for this point in the campaign.  At the end, the crowd noise was so loud that he could barely be heard.

All in all, I think this was a success.  We’ll see tomorrow how many people watched and what the polling says.

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