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CNN’s Pointed Gestures

**Update:  CNN has removed the offensive part of the video from the piece.  Congratulations to Media Matters and all who wrote to CNN and its advertisers!** 

**Update:  Media Matters has picked up the story here:  Still not funny:  CNN again associates Obama with Bin Laden.**

In the interest of fair play, today’s media rant goes against CNN.  In an unbelievable piece of gutter journalism, they have a video up called “Pointed Gestures.”  It’s currently linked from their homepage.  Go check it out.  I’d link to it if I could, but the web wizards over there are proving too smart for me as any link to their video page turns up a random video instead of the specific one.  Here, however, is the significant part via YouTube:

First, CNN does what Chris Matthews had to apologize for over at MSNBC.  That is, they reopen the Lewinsky deal and have Hillary saying “thank you” as she points to Monica, essentially insinuating, as Chris did, that Hillary owes her political career to that scandal.  Given that CNN usually offers Clinton sided coverage, we’ll see if the Clinton campaign raises the same sort of outrage over this.

Next, CNN goes insane and has Obama point at Osama Bin Laden.  This is wrong on so many levels that I hardly know where to begin.  But I’ll try.  First, Osama Bin Laden should be off limits in this kind of piece by a legit news organization, no matter which candidate is involved.  The horror that that man inflicted on this country should make that clear.  That aside, if possible, CNN knows full well that the Obama campaign has had to fight hard against the rampant misconception that he attended a radical madrassa as a child.  In January of last year, CNN debunked the story themselves.  They found it important enough to debunk then, but now are fanning the flames of that falsehood by linking Obama and Bin Laden in this video.

I hope that you are as outraged by this video as I.  If so, please contact CNN.

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