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Lieberman and the Jewish vote

Continuing on the angry theme, let me say that I’m really, really pissed at Joe Lieberman.  I really used to like the guy.  Now, I see him as a scum sucking sycophant.  And a complete hypocrite.  (Yes, that was a sentence fragment.  Sue me.) 

Joe has flaunted his Jewishness for years, courting Jewish Democrats for their money, influence, and votes.  Now, he’s going out to court the Jewish vote (and money and influence) for McCain.  What’s astounding to me is that he could work so hard for a man who chose for a running mate Sarah Palin, whose Pastor is a supporter of the Jews for Jesus movement.  And, yeah, if going after Jeremiah Wright was fair, going after Palin’s Pastor, Larry Kroon, is just as fair.

Joe has all but turned his back on the Democratic party, after agreeing to caucus with them subsequent to running as an Independent in 2006 and, thus, giving the Dems a 51-49 majority in the Senate.  He was rewarded for that decision with chairmanship of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.  Given his speech at the Republican convention, however, he is no longer attending Democratic policy luncheons and is in danger of having the Dems take disciplinary action against him, post election.

Turning his back on the Dems and running to the Republicans could be, for Joe, jumping out of the mud into the shit.  The Republican party has never been known for tolerance and Palin’s addition to the ticket doesn’t do anything to make that better.  Joe brought a good piece of the Jewish vote to Gore in 2000, but fronting for a woman who has such close ties, at least tangentially, to the Jews for Jesus movement can’t be good for his rep in his own community.

Joe may find himself as a man without a country, so to speak.  And at this point, that would be fine with me.

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Too angry to blog

OK, so it’s only 53 days until the election.  I should be blogging until my fingers are bloody.  I should be screaming, proverbially so, until those of you subscribed to my feed have to unsubscribe due to sheer volume.  But I can’t.  I’m just too angry.

I’m pissed that the Obama camp is running scared from Sarah Palin.  These folks are smart, but they’re letting Palin run the show right now.  No, not McCain / Palin … just Palin.  I’m pissed that the mainstream media (liberal, my ass) is taking off with stupid lipstick comments when we’ve got a dismal job market, a major mortgage takeover, and a war on (remember that one?). 

I’m beyond outraged that the spin is continuing to allow Palin to be called a “feminist,” in ANY circle, while she is vehemently anti-choice, fought against universal pre-K, and favors abstinence only education.  Let’s not even discuss her positions on stem-cell research (against), global warming (not attributable to mankind), and evolution (creationist). 

While we’re at it, I’ll just have to ignore, before I go completely off the deep end, the fact that the media has essentially ignored Palin’s Pastor problem (he’s all but in bed with the Jews for Jesus crowd) after they raised all the flap over Obama’s Pastor.   

So I’m sorry I’ve been quiet, but I’m just too angry to blog.

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9% is still too much

A report this morning via Bloomberg detailing Obama’s post-convention bump (he’s up 8 points over McCain) contains the following:  “Palin may not attract large numbers of disillusioned supporters of Hillary Clinton. Only 9 percent of Democratic women said Palin makes them more likely to support the Republican ticket . . . .”  9% is appalling.  9% is still too much.

Sarah Palin cements McCain’s staunch pro-life stance.  Here’s an excerpt from NARAL Pro-Choice America’s statement on Palin: 

Palin is not just anti-choice, she’s opposed to abortion, even in cases of rape or incest. [Juneau Empire,  “Abortion Draws Clear Divide in State Races,” accessed 8/29/08 and Anchorage Daily News, “Governor’s Race: Top contenders meet one last time to debate,” 11/03/06.]  Palin is also a member of the anti-choice group Feminists for Life.

I’m certainly not saying that every Democratic woman is pro-choice, but I refuse to believe that as many as 9% were Clinton supporters and pro-life.  As a matter of fact, a SurveyUSA poll from January of this year showed that pro-life Dems were more likely to back Obama than Clinton, which, of course, makes perfect sense.  So a significant portion of these 9% of Clinton voters who are now more likely to vote for McCain because of Sarah Palin are trading in reproductive rights over the perceived feminist agenda of putting a woman in the White House.  I hope they ask themselves, “Feminism at what cost?”  Because this woman, Sarah Palin, is clearly no feminist.

Moving beyond choice, Palin negates Sen. Clinton’s position on the environment.  Clinton scored a 90 on her review by the League of Conservation Voters, citing global warming as a priority concern.  Palin, however, is “not convinced” that human behavior has anything to do with global warming, in opposition, even, to McCain, at least the McCain we have seen up to this point.  And while Clinton is a staunch opponent of drilling in ANWR, Palin is a huge proponent.  It should be noted that Palin diverges from McCain here again, though I won’t be surprised if McCain comes around to her way of thinking before this campaign season is over.

I could go on, detailing the vast differences between Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin, but I should hope that these two key platform issues sound enough of an alarm.  The notion that 9% of former Clinton supporters could see their way clear to vote for a McCain / Palin ticket, in light of these two issues alone, is astounding.

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