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Pat Buchanan is such an idiot

Pat Buchanan has just said that Sarah Palin was the most “interesting and attractive” of all four debaters we’ve seen so far.  “Attractive,” Pat?  That’s rich.

Pat says she was “riveting.”  I found her deeply annoying with her insistence on not answering the questions and, instead, regurgitating the information that’s been fed into her over the last week or so at debate camp.  

The scariest thing of the entire debate?  Her adherence to Dick Cheney’s belief that the Constitution is vague on the role of the VP.  This, after telling Katie Couric that the worst thing about Cheney’s time as VP was his “duck hunting” accident (it was quail).  And she wasn’t really upset that he shot someone.  She was upset that he got slammed for it.  Let’s be very, very clear here, ladies and gents:  Dick Cheney is the scariest and most dangerous VP we have ever seen and she wants to be just like him.

Yes, Palin was poised.  No, Joe didn’t pick up on some of the things I thought he could slam her on.  But the debate seemed to me like a fourth grader on stage with a PhD candidate.  She was cutesy; he was intelligent and reasoned.  There cannot be an argument here.  She did not fall apart, but she did not at all prove that she could handle the Vice Presidency of the United States.

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Rolling my eyes at Pat Buchanan

Despite my rant about MSNBC, old habits die hard and I found myself watching Morning Joe this morning.  That and there’s nothing else worth a darn out there to watch in the morning before my children get up and I’m forced to watch “Magic Schoolbus.”  I digress.

Me:  sitting on the couch with a cup of tea.  Pat Buchanan:  (paraphrase) Barack Obama’s only getting 24% of the white vote.  He’s got to do something about that.  Me:  Damn, I wish I had TiVo.

Really?  Did Pat Buchanan just put more lighter fluid on the race bonfire or was it just my imagination?  No, I really did hear it.  24%.  Ok, he may have said 25%.  But it’s all the same.

I did some math.  I went to FOX so no one could accuse me of following a liberal media bias and used their exit poll numbers.  OK, really I used them because they have a straight white / black tally instead of a nuanced white-age-sex breakdown like CNN and, to a less complicated extent, MSNBC.  But the liberal media bias was a good line, wasn’t it?  Anyway, I tallied up the white vote for all the states available and came up with this grand averaged value:  36.64%.  That’s a good 12 points higher than Pat’s 24% – 25%.  12 points.  That Mt. Kilimanjaro in politics.

Look, Pat’s been around a long time and I’m sure he’s a nice guy.  He must know something because MSNBC has him on all_the_time.  What he doesn’t know is math or stats or how to read polls, apparently.  And that old pol can’t have much power or status anymore if the only table at which he can find a constant seat is that of a cable TV news outlet. 

I could fire off (yet another) letter to MSNBC about Pat’s (theoretically inadvertent) error, but I think I’d rather just sit on my couch with my cup of tea and roll my eyes at him.  That’s probably all he’s worth anyway. 


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