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If it weren’t so true …

… it would be hysterical.  I just read Bob Cesca’s piece over at HuffPo:  McCain’s Economic Plan:  Blurt Out Random Crap.  It’s really funny, complete with video of Pee Wee Herman.  But it’s so close to the truth that’s it’s a tad painful.  Choosing which bit to excerpt here is wicked hard, but here goes:

The goal: Get McCain on record saying something no matter how ridiculous. This way, he can hit the stump later and boast that he said something with regards to scary stuff in the news. I said something [that didn’t make any sense and was probably a lie] and Senator Obama didn’t say anything [also a lie]! My friends! And whenever he’s accused of routinely blurting out random crap, Senator McCain trucks out the old punishment theorem: If Senator Obama had only agreed to the town halls, I wouldn’t be selling-out the last shreds of my honor or integrity just to get elected. Can’t you see? Senator Obama turned me into a hack, dammit!

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