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Clearly, this means nothing

But, hey, it’s a little fun on election day.

In 17 of the last 18 presidential elections (since 1936), when the Redskins franchise has won its final home game before the presidential election, the ruling party stays in power. When the Redskins lose their final home game before Election Day, the party out of power wins the election. The only exception: 2004 when the Packers beat the Redskins 28-14 on October 1, but George W. Bush beat John Kerry, 286 Electoral Votes to 251.  Accuracy: 94.5% (17/18) (thanks, Mike)

Coming in to last night’s game, the Redskins were 6-2, while the Steelers were 5-2.  The Skins were favored to win by 2-1/2 points.

So what happened?  The Steelers won:  23-6.  They didn’t squeak by; it was a landslide. 

Clearly, this means nothing.  Right?


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