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Voters beware!!!!!

If you live in a purple state, please, please, please for the love of everything watch your mail closely.  There are reports swirling around that the McCain camp (directed by Rove?) is sending out absentee ballots *unsolicited* to voters and these absentee ballots are NOT CORRECT.  In some cases (Ohio, for instance) the ballots have an extra box which must be checked to be valid.  In other cases (Iowa, FL, VA, at least), the ballots are marked with mailing addresses for the wrong county and even the wrong state, meaning that the vote WILL NOT COUNT.  And if the voter tries to vote again, she will be hit with fraud charges.  These ballots are not just being sent to Republicans, but to Democrats and Independents, as well. 

My assumption is that if you’re reading this, you’re pretty savvy and wouldn’t be fooled.  So what you need to do is be aware and educate those around you.  Get this info out to your mailing lists, tell your friends, neighbors, family … spread the word.  We cannot let the Rovians steal this election.  It just can’t happen.

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