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A little bit on voting

Here are some things you should know and do before you vote.

  1. Confirm that your registration is correct.  You can do this via CanIVote.org.  You can also visit Voters Unite! to get state by state information.
  2. Check and see if you can vote early by visiting Rock the Vote’s election center or Know How To Vote.  If you can, DO!
  3. Confirm your polling place via Rock the Vote’s election center or Vote411.org.
  4. On election day, get to the polls early.  Make sure you bring proper ID (usually your driver’s license) and that you are aware of the rules in your state governing whether or not you can wear clothing advertising your candidate.  When you go to vote, DO NOT VOTE STRAIGHT PARTY TICKET.  In most cases, this will not record your vote for president and US Senate.
  5. Take a video camera (your cell phone will do) and video your vote.  Why?  If your polling place uses an electronic voting machine, there will be no way to verify your vote if it is lost or counted incorrectly.  There are already reports of vote switching (votes for democrats being switched to republican votes).  If this happens to you, the only record you may have is the video tape of your vote.  Once you have the video, upload it to VideotheVote.org.  IF THIS DOES HAPPEN, here are some steps you can take (h/t BradBlog): 
    • Call poll supervisors to observe the problem
    • Fill out a problem report
    • Refuse to vote on that machine
    • Request that the machine be taken out of service
    • Get a serial number of the machine if possible (may be unlikely in many cases)
    • Tell other voters not to vote on that machine
    • Call county/town election office
    • Call local reporters
    • Call voter problem hotlines (eg. 866-MYVOTE1 and 866-OUR-VOTE) (Program this number into your cell phone before you go vote) 
    • Contact bloggers and Election Integrity websites.
    • Raise holy hell.

Video taping your vote and experience at the polling place is also a great way to document any attempts at voter intimidation.

One of the clearest ways that Barack Obama can lose the election at this point is through voter fraud.  To learn more about this issue and how you can be an instrument in fighting it, check out these sites:



Rolling Stone article by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Greg Palast:  Block the Vote

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