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This happens all over

This happens everywhere.  George Bush or Dick Cheney fly in to a city, hold a fundraiser for a candidate or two, and the taxpayers pick up the bill.  It costs us money to pay for Air Force One or Two or Marine One or Two (and the escort and decoy aircraft) and the security details to make this happen, on both the national and state levels.  Last night, Dick Cheney was in my hometown in Alabama for a fundraiser.  He didn’t do anything else.  He just flew in, went to a private party for two candidates, and flew out.  From the Executive Director of the Albama Democratic Party (h/t to The Locust Fork Journal):

It is not fair for Alabama taxpayers to pick up the tab so that Wayne Parker and Jay Love can have Dick Cheney in for a closed-door fundraiser to help fill their campaign coffers.  At a time when middle class Alabama families are being squeezed and our country’s economy is facing a crisis, the last thing Wayne Parker and Jay Love should be doing is bringing Vice President Cheney in for a private party and asking the taxpayers to foot the bill.

I couldn’t agree more.

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