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I’m trying not to hate

So in my last post, I had to hit Senator Obama a little bit.  I’m afraid I have to do it again.  Actually, I’m gonna do it by proxy.  Thanks to Steve Benen at The Carpetbagger Report for doing it for me.  Read this:

Obama announces support for FISA ‘compromise’

The “compromise” reached today, spearheaded by my own Rep. Steny Hoyer, (shameless) is appalling in that it continues to give the Telecoms immunity for their role in allowing the Pres to spy on anyone he damn well pleases.  That’s you, dear reader.  Remember that Military Commissions Act thing I’m always screaming about?  Remember how he can declare anyone an enemy combatant and then arrest them and do pretty much whatever the hell he wants with them?  Well with this beauty, he can listen to anyone’s phone calls and read anyone’s emails.  And Obama has said, essentially, “Good on ’em.”  Check out the campaign’s full statement over at The Carpetbagger Report.  I’m really disappointed, considering that Obama is a scholar and generally a proponent of this:

The Constitution of the United States


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