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My Heels are bowl eligible

Did you get that?  My Tar Heels are bowl eligible as of October 25th.  Have I said how much I love Butch Davis?  Yeah.  So we beat Boston College yesterday.  Really beat them.  Not a squeaker, not a last minute field goal … we kicked their butts:  45-24.  This is most satisfying because the last time we went to a bowl, in 2004, we lost to … drum roll, please … BC. 

That fella you see over there?  #88 Hakeem Nicks?   Four touchdowns.  I love Hakeem Nicks.  He was just voted one of the permanent team captains.  He promised his teammates he wouldn’t let them down.  Whoa nellie.

I can’t get these games on TV down here in the land of Alabama and Auburn where they can’t get their heads out of the SEC.  Of course, I come from ACC country, so who am I to talk?  Anyway, I’m rediscovering the joy of listening to Carolina athletics via the voice of Woody Durham and it’s oh-so-grand.

I could put something here now about how Elizabeth Dole might just (probably will) get beat by her Democratic opponent Kay Hagan down there in the Tar Heel state so I could give political cover and credibility to this story for this blog on politics, but since I own this blog, I really won’t make apologies for simply revelling in the glory that is Tar Heel athletics.

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