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Tom Perriello, one of the good guys

This guy:

Tom Perriello

Tom Perriello

is one of the good guys.  He’s running for Congress in Virginia’s Fifth District.  Tom’s opponent, Virgil Goode, is running a despicable ad against him.  The ad shows Tom with a beard, in a darkened image, obviously in an attempt to make him look ethnic (Muslim?) and scary.  The ad attempts to paint Tom as the most liberal guy ever to run for office down there and so lenient on immigration that we all better run for the hills.  For illustration purposes only, and certainly not to advertise for Virgil Goode, here’s the ad:

If you’re so inclined, head over to Tom’s site to help him fight this kind of nasty politics from the Goode campaign.

Update 11/5/08:  It appears that Tom has beaten Goode.  While we have yet to see a major news outlet declare for Tom, the evidence was strong enough for Tom to declare victory.  A source familiar with the race called me last night to confirm that the seat went to Tom.

Update 11/6/08:  For those taking me to task for not watching Tom’s ads, here’s my reply:

One of these days, folks will realize that there’s a difference between ads telling the truth and simply stating fact and attack ads:  distorting truth and telling falsehoods. 

Goode has done some extraordinary things: holding a fundraiser on 9/11 (Tom and his staff were packing care packages for our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan);and  fussing that there are too many Muslims in Congress (there’s one, Keith Ellison, and we are a nation which believes in the freedom on religion); just to mention two.  

Tom has also done some extraordinary things:  he helped force Liberian dictator Charles Taylor from power (before he ever ran for any office); and he has organized against the genocide in Darfur by, among other things, founding 24hoursforDarfur.org; just to mention two.  I’ll take Tom’s record.        



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