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Purging the voter rolls in GA

Back in September, we talked about the process of purging voter rolls because of mismatched information.  This is the process being used in several swing states to match a voter’s registration info against computerized personal identification info, like social security info or driver’s license info.  As we mentioned then, if a data entry person, keying thousands of bits of data per day, keys a person’s name wrong by one letter, their registration will be kicked out as invalid and they may not be allowed to vote.

An article Sunday at CNN.com verifies that this is happening in Georgia with, of course, Democratic voters.  (Note:  I have yet to see evidence that this ever happens to Republican voters.)  I encourage you to read the full article.  I’ll extract here the story of college senior Kyla Berry, who was looking forward to voting in her first election:

College senior Kyla Berry was looking forward to voting in her first presidential election, even carrying her voter registration card in her wallet.

But about two weeks ago, Berry got disturbing news from local election officials.

“This office has received notification from the state of Georgia indicating that you are not a citizen of the United States and therefore, not eligible to vote,” a letter from the Fulton County Department of Registration and Elections said.

But Berry is a U.S. citizen, born in Boston, Massachusetts. She has a passport and a birth certificate to prove it. 

The letter, which was dated October 2, gave her a week from the time it was dated to prove her citizenship. There was a problem, though — the letter was postmarked October 9.

“It was the most bizarre thing. I immediately called my mother and asked her to send me my birth certificate, and then I was like, ‘It’s too late, apparently,’ ” Berry said.

Berry is one of more than 50,000 registered Georgia voters who have been “flagged” because of a computer mismatch in their personal identification information. At least 4,500 of those people are having their citizenship questioned and the burden is on them to prove eligibility to vote.


So someone like Kyla Berry will be allowed to cast a provisional ballot when she votes, but it’s up to county election officials whether those ballots would actually count.

Berry says she will try to vote, but she’s not confident it will count.

“I know this happens, but I cannot believe it’s happening to me,” she said. “If I weren’t allowed to vote, I would just feel like that would be … like the worst thing ever — a travesty.”

We all know what happens to these provisional ballots:  they get trashed.  They do not count … ever.  So, no, Ms. Berry, you won’t be able to vote. 

For information on what you can do about voter suppression and voter fraud and what you need to do before and as you vote, see A little bit on voting.

Note:  As I write this, I’m listening to Obama speak to a crowd in PA.  He’s reminding us that we have to keep going.  Speaking in the rain and calling on the post office’s motto, he’s saying, ‘whether rain, or sleet, or snow, we’re gonna keep going; we’re gonna see this through.’  Vote, people.  No matter what the polls say, no matter how confident the folks around you, vote.  The polls are only good if backed up by votes.  VOTE.

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A little bit on voting

Here are some things you should know and do before you vote.

  1. Confirm that your registration is correct.  You can do this via CanIVote.org.  You can also visit Voters Unite! to get state by state information.
  2. Check and see if you can vote early by visiting Rock the Vote’s election center or Know How To Vote.  If you can, DO!
  3. Confirm your polling place via Rock the Vote’s election center or Vote411.org.
  4. On election day, get to the polls early.  Make sure you bring proper ID (usually your driver’s license) and that you are aware of the rules in your state governing whether or not you can wear clothing advertising your candidate.  When you go to vote, DO NOT VOTE STRAIGHT PARTY TICKET.  In most cases, this will not record your vote for president and US Senate.
  5. Take a video camera (your cell phone will do) and video your vote.  Why?  If your polling place uses an electronic voting machine, there will be no way to verify your vote if it is lost or counted incorrectly.  There are already reports of vote switching (votes for democrats being switched to republican votes).  If this happens to you, the only record you may have is the video tape of your vote.  Once you have the video, upload it to VideotheVote.org.  IF THIS DOES HAPPEN, here are some steps you can take (h/t BradBlog): 
    • Call poll supervisors to observe the problem
    • Fill out a problem report
    • Refuse to vote on that machine
    • Request that the machine be taken out of service
    • Get a serial number of the machine if possible (may be unlikely in many cases)
    • Tell other voters not to vote on that machine
    • Call county/town election office
    • Call local reporters
    • Call voter problem hotlines (eg. 866-MYVOTE1 and 866-OUR-VOTE) (Program this number into your cell phone before you go vote) 
    • Contact bloggers and Election Integrity websites.
    • Raise holy hell.

Video taping your vote and experience at the polling place is also a great way to document any attempts at voter intimidation.

One of the clearest ways that Barack Obama can lose the election at this point is through voter fraud.  To learn more about this issue and how you can be an instrument in fighting it, check out these sites:



Rolling Stone article by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Greg Palast:  Block the Vote

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Watch this

I’m headed to bed with a migraine (no, you don’t need to know this, but I thought I’d share).  While I’m gone, you should watch this video on ACORN from Brave New Films.  It’s the real deal.

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If it weren’t so close to the truth ….

This may get yanked, but until then … enjoy?

Homer Simpson Tries to Vote for Obama

If you’d like to do something about voter fraud, please visit No Voter Left Behind.

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Wake Up and Save Your Country

Go here:  Wake Up and Save Your Country.

Download this:  Voter’s Guide, color or black and white, it doesn’t matter.  Read it, print it, keep it with you.  It has all the great websites (where to verify that you and everyone you know or meet is registered to vote correctly, how to check your polling place online, etc.), info on voter fraud and current campaigns to trick voters, how to volunteer to protect this election, etc.  It’s really great stuff, written in language that makes it accessible for everyone.

There’s more great material at this website:  a Karl Rove jib jab on how to steal, I mean “swing,” elections; info on the vulnerabilities on voting machines; links to other voting projects and key websites, etc.  Go check it out.

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Voters beware!!!!!

If you live in a purple state, please, please, please for the love of everything watch your mail closely.  There are reports swirling around that the McCain camp (directed by Rove?) is sending out absentee ballots *unsolicited* to voters and these absentee ballots are NOT CORRECT.  In some cases (Ohio, for instance) the ballots have an extra box which must be checked to be valid.  In other cases (Iowa, FL, VA, at least), the ballots are marked with mailing addresses for the wrong county and even the wrong state, meaning that the vote WILL NOT COUNT.  And if the voter tries to vote again, she will be hit with fraud charges.  These ballots are not just being sent to Republicans, but to Democrats and Independents, as well. 

My assumption is that if you’re reading this, you’re pretty savvy and wouldn’t be fooled.  So what you need to do is be aware and educate those around you.  Get this info out to your mailing lists, tell your friends, neighbors, family … spread the word.  We cannot let the Rovians steal this election.  It just can’t happen.

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November 4?

Will the election really be decided on November 4?  We talked here and here about voter suppression efforts and new rules and regulations that could cause headaches on election day.  This morning, MSNBC is carrying this piece:  Election Day Could Be a Mess .  Their article echoes some of the concerns mentioned here, namely matching voter information, like names, to state databases.  This is going to be an issue, folks, and we are going to have massive problems.  Do not expect an election result when you wake up on November 5.  And expect lawsuits.  This is going to be one hell of a mess.

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More voter suppression concerns

AlterNet.com reported yesterday, via some great info from Madison.com, that Wisconsin is following Michigan’s lead (as we discussed here) in trying to suppress voting by requiring that voter’s address on their drivers’ licenses match the address on the voter rolls.  Does that sound like common sense to you?  Well, it’s not.  

Here’s the deal:  the Republican (shock) Attorney General has filed a lawsuit trying to enact the requirement.  From the Madison.com article:

If a judge rules in Van Hollen’s favor, Witzel-Behl said city staffers would have to check 3,612 voters who registered by mail since the beginning of 2006. They have already processed 1,256 registrations that have been filed since the statewide database went online last month and have sent 100 letters to voters whose information didn’t match and got 37 responses. The discrepancies typically come from names that are written differently on voter registration forms than on driver’s licenses or driver’s license numbers that are wrong or illegible.

This is the same issue, mind you, that folks are finding in Florida, where the most common error causing voters’ ID’s and voter registration rolls to not match are name misspellings.  Who does this affect most?  Minority populations.  Names like Liz Smith (made up) are easy to spell and easily recognized by those keying data into voter databases.  Names like Tamir Nowroozi (made up), however, may throw someone off and may end up being spelled like Tamir Nowrozi, causing an error through no fault of the voter.  Beyond names, say you live on an oddly spelled street, perhaps Windemere Way.  All it would take is for someone to key in Windmere lane, leaving out that middle “e,” and you’re in big voting trouble.  Let’s move on to drivers’ license numbers.  What if your license number is 723598 (made up) and someone keyed in 723698?  Oops.  You’re out of luck.  Get the issue now?

This is a big deal folks and these lawsuits, new regs, etc. are invariably being raised by Republicans in attempts to suppress voter turnout, especially among young and minority populations.  Again, I urge you to visit NoVoterLeftBehind.net and to make sure that you are registered to vote correctly.



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Voter Fraud

I have a friend who is seriously terrified of wide-scale voter fraud and intimidation in this election.  Given the reports out of Virginia of misleading and, perhaps, patently false information disseminated to Montgomery county (think Virginia Tech) college students and the reports out of Michigan regarding using foreclosure records to block people’s right to vote, she’s clearly not being hysterical.  These two cases alone are evidence for Democrats’ conspiracy theories that the GOP is suppressing voter turn out.  In the Virginia case, the targeted voters are young people, who turned out in droves for Obama in the primaries.  In the Michigan case, the targeted demographic is clearly the African American population, which has stronger polling for Obama than for McCain.  And these are just two examples.  We could discuss Ohio and Florida as two others.  And as we get closer to the election, many more issues are likely to explode.

If you’re concerned about voter fraud, you can go to NoVoterLeftBehind.net and join Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s campaign to reduce voter fraud in this election.  You can also get signed up to be a poll watcher (check with your local party or candidate’s office).  At the minimum, make sure that you are correctly registered to vote, educated on the issues, and that you exercise your right on November 4.


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