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Current Polling

The economic crisis, last Friday’s debate, and the Palin (un)phenom have all given Obama a boost in the polls.  Here are some numbers to show you what’s happening:

1.  Rasmussen’s Daily Presidential Tracking Poll for today (Tuesday 9/30) is the first one to contain completely post-debate data and it has Obama up 6 pts, 51% – 45%, over McCain.  Obama went into the debate with a 5 point advantage over McCain in this poll and he has maintained a 5-6 point margin every since.

2.  Rasmussen also reports that in polling they did on Saturday and Sunday nights, voters indicate that they trust Obama more than McCain on all major issues … including the Iraq war.

3.  The latest (9/29) CNN “Poll of Polls” report shows Obama up 47% – 43% over McCain.

4.  Obama is up in key battleground states, gaining a net of 3-5 points in OH, PA, CO, FL, and VA.  Pennsylvania is the most startling, with Obama up eight points, 50% – 42%.

It will be interesting to see if there are any shifts or changes in these  numbers after the Biden / Palin debate on Thursday.

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