Headlines from around the world

Someone with a lot of time has put together an astounding webpage with headlines from around the world declaring Obama’s victory.  The cool thing is that the site doesn’t just show the front pages of the papers, but is interactive, so you can click on any frontpage and pull up a larger version.  Go check it out:  Obama Grabs Headlines.


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4 responses to “Headlines from around the world

  1. D0nna Strejcek

    I am wondering about the projected costs of the inauguration that was printed in the papers today. I think the amounts are beyond ridiculous, especially in light of the economic crisis we are in. Those amounts of money could help alot of people that are in need! I know the inauguration is a huge affair, and I do not begrudge President-elect Obama the same as all before him, but the changes in gov spending need to begin somewhere.

  2. ashpolitics


    I had the same thought about the Conventions (full disclosure: I was a blogger at the Democratic National Convention). The amount of money that was spent wining and dining the donors who made the convention possible in the first place seemed incredibly excessive. I understand the justifications for the conventions, and the RNC’s absolutely served its purpose this year, but the money could have done so much around the world and right here, right now.

    The inauguration is the same, perhaps. I would argue that the country needs this sort of symbol of transition. A large percentage of the country voted for “change” and is desperate for it. And this is an historic Presidency. Perhaps this historic moment deserves some pomp and circumstance?

    In the end, however, the costs of the inauguration are just a drop in the bucket. The estimated cost of the 2005 inauguration was $40m. That will certainly be higher this go around, but even doubled, at $80m, that’s just not a lot of money in real government terms.

    Check back in after the inauguration and let’s talk about how much it really cost and what it looked like. I’d love to have that conversation.

  3. The cost of the inaugurations is a drop in the bucket compared to the waste of the military industrial complex & the pork dished out by Congress.

    Should I say “road to nowhere”? I think that phrase, while attached to Sarah Palin, is most appropriate for our current Congress. They don’t even take time to read the bills they are voting on.

  4. mariatheresa

    My hearfelt congratulations to our New President Obama and my deepest sympathy in the loss of his dearly grandmother. Sir my hope and prayers are with you and your family. I pray that you will look out for the people of the US first the ones that are homeless, no food, the families that are homeless, jobless 1st the People of the Unites States. Bailing out Banks and the Car Industry should be last. The citizens of america is hurting they should come first.

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